When will the second book in the Reave Pack series (WOLF IN THE HOUSE) be released?

***I’m now estimating the book will be out in Jan 2016. :) Estimates are estimates so that date could be off, but I’m feeling good about this one!

I’m currently working on Wolf in the House, but it’s been slow going. (I work on multiple books at a time, because if I didn’t, I’d never finish any of them.) HOWEVER, I’m hopeful I’ll have the book published by the end of the year. I have two other books to finish first, and then I’ll be able to devote myself to finishing this one. I’m behind on the other two books for my main pen name and that’s why I’ve taken so long to get Wolf in the House completed. It’s not a surprise to me that this is the case. I am a very slow writer compared to some and I just have to do my best. :)

I’ll post updates about my progress to this page if you’d like, and I’ll definitely post the news to the site when the book is done.

Lynne Sterley