Blake’s an average, ordinary werewolf—

“What?” Jane interrupts. “Are you kidding me? Werewolves aren’t ordinary. And they don’t exist, so don’t waste your breath telling me sexy Blake Reave is a werewolf, because I won’t believe it.”

Okay, how about this? Blake Reave is far from ordinary—

“Got that right.” Jane fans herself.


“Go on. Just stop trying to sweeten the story with half-truths and outright lies.”

Werewolves are real. You’ll find out, one way or another.

Jane’s gaze contains a marked degree of skepticism. “Sure.”

You will. Right before—

Jane slaps her hands over her ears and gives me an evil eye. “Don’t ruin the story for me!”

Pfft. Fine.

Jane has just had to move back in with her parents, into their new—rumored to be haunted—house in Gambel county. She hasn’t been in town long when she runs into Blake Reave and finds herself unable to resist the wild and reckless urges she’s been fighting for months—urges she can’t explain but also can’t deny…

Blake Reave can’t believe his good fortune when he stumbles across a woman capable of mating with one of his kind. Werewolf mating season is less than a year away and claiming a mate is the most important thing he’ll ever do for his pack.

Blake’s willing to take advantage of Jane’s every weakness to claim her as his mate—and using her weakness for his touch against her is just the beginning…

Lynne Sterley