WEREWOLF AT THE GATE rescheduled for 2021

Apologies to anyone reading this who was hoping to read Werewolf at the Gate in 2020, because it didn’t happen. However, I still have plans to finish it up and get it out this year, so all is not lost! :)

I haven’t abandoned the series, nor the book, I’ve just had a hell of a time getting any writing done this last year and that has significantly affected my writing and publishing schedule.

If you haven’t given up on the book, thank you for being patient! :)

Just a little update in case you’re here looking for the next book

Werewolf at the Gate is in the works, but it has been on hold for a bit waiting on me to finish some projects under my main pen name (Odessa Lynne) and so it’s taking a lot longer to get back to than I had hoped. :-)

I definitely foresee the release of Werewolf at the Gate coming in 2020, though, hopefully by spring. I’ll update if I have to delay and will post (of course!) as soon as it’s done.

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So I’ve finally settled on the novel that’s coming next: Werewolf at the Gate.

It’s partially written and I hope to focus on it for a while and get it finished sooner rather than later, although no promises! I’ll update as soon as I get closer to the end of it. :)

WOLF IN THE HOUSE Is Now in Paperback

A trade paperback edition of Wolf in the House is now available. You can find it at Amazon now. :)

It’s also available internationally at Amazon UK and Amazon CA and many other stores. :)

It will be available at Barnes & Noble and Book Depository eventually, but it usually takes a bit longer for the paperbacks to show up in those stores. (Available now.)

WOLF IN THE HOUSE release date set for June 12

Wolf in the House is coming June 12! It’s likely the book will be available in some places sooner than that, but the 12th is a good compromise as an official release date. ;)

Here’s a look at the final cover.

Wolf in the House (The Reave Pack)

The first book has a new cover too! I’ve included it below. I needed a more cohesive series look and I think I’ve got it with these. I have covers for the upcoming Werewolf at the Gate and Bet on Marriage too, although I can’t promise when they’ll be out. I’m hoping there’s interest in these guys, because I really like writing their stories!

Alpha Next Door (The Reave Pack) Wolf in the House (The Reave Pack) Werewolf at the Gate (The Reave Pack) Bet on Marriage (The Reave Pack)

WOLF IN THE HOUSE is done (and coming soon)!

I’m aiming for a May release for Wolf in the House. I meant to post this announcement when I’d finished the book, but I’ve been working hard trying to get another book ready for my other self, and it slipped my mind until this morning. Sorry about that!

I’m waiting on cover redesigns for the series, and some other stuff, but I expect the book will come out a bit later in the month. I have a kid graduating high school this month, so it’s been a bit crazy for a while. :D

Anyway, I’m really happy I finally finished the book. The book took a lot longer than I’d planned, and it’s quite a bit longer than I’d planned, too, but I think it’s a fun story and I’m hoping a few people will enjoy it as much as I do.

I’ve already started working on Bet on Marriage and Werewolf at the Gate! (Because I can never write just one book at one time.) :D I honestly can’t say at this point which one comes first, because they’re kind of concurrent in the timeline but we’ll see what develops.

Wolf in the House is not quite ready

I’m often overly optimistic with deadlines, and obviously I was overoptimistic about when I’d finish my next book! I’m working on changing that, but the fact is, me and deadlines just do not seem to get along at all. Every time I set one, I start having a much harder time writing my stories. I’m posting this update because I’m still working on Wolf in the House and I had said the book would probably be ready this month. It’s not, but I will get it done!

I’ll post another update soon. And if you’re waiting for this book, thanks so much for being patient with me! :)

ALPHA NEXT DOOR Is Now in Paperback

A trade paperback edition of Alpha Next Door is now available.

I’ve very pleased with the book. It’s so pretty!

You can get the paperback at Amazon right away, but it’ll also be available in other online book stores soon. Finally, you can also ask your local bookstore to order the book and they should be able to do that for you.


Blake’s an average, ordinary werewolf—

“What?” Jane interrupts. “Are you kidding me? Werewolves aren’t ordinary. And they don’t exist, so don’t waste your breath telling me sexy Blake Reave is a werewolf, because I won’t believe it.”

Okay, how about this? Blake Reave is far from ordinary—

“Got that right.” Jane fans herself.


“Go on. Just stop trying to sweeten the story with half-truths and outright lies.”

Werewolves are real. You’ll find out, one way or another.

Jane’s gaze contains a marked degree of skepticism. “Sure.”

You will. Right before—

Jane slaps her hands over her ears and gives me an evil eye. “Don’t ruin the story for me!”

Pfft. Fine.

Jane has just had to move back in with her parents, into their new—rumored to be haunted—house in Gambel county. She hasn’t been in town long when she runs into Blake Reave and finds herself unable to resist the wild and reckless urges she’s been fighting for months—urges she can’t explain but also can’t deny…

Blake Reave can’t believe his good fortune when he stumbles across a woman capable of mating with one of his kind. Werewolf mating season is less than a year away and claiming a mate is the most important thing he’ll ever do for his pack.

Blake’s willing to take advantage of Jane’s every weakness to claim her as his mate—and using her weakness for his touch against her is just the beginning…