If You Want Book Notifications…

If you want notifications for my new releases, you’ll need to sign up to the email list again!

I’m sorry this has happened, but apparently my email list has gotten too old for my list provider, so they aren’t going to let me send out notices for older signups.

My fault, totally, for having it be only a new release notification list and then not having a book to send a notification about. :o

But if you do want to be notified when Werewolf at the Gate arrives, just sign up again, verify your email address, and all will be well! It won’t be so long this time before a new book comes out, and you should get the notification when it does!

Thank you so much! ;D

Here’s the link again: Email list signup

And if you’ve never been on the list but want the notifications, just sign up now! :)

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