How many books are going to be in the Reave Pack series?

Lots! Okay, here goes me trying to quantify that reply into something meaningful.

If I have my way and the books sell well enough that I don’t have to starve while I write them, I’ll be writing at least 12. If I’m lucky, I’ll also turn to writing books for the Barker boys. :) (If I don’t eventually get to write a book for Hale Barker, I might have to go hide in a room and cry. He’s a bit of an ass, but boy, could I see a story for him being so much fun to write.)

I can also see myself writing books for a few of the werewolves of the Reave pack that aren’t actual Reaves, so that knocks the count just a little bit higher too. I’d say when all is said and done, I could easily write 20 books in this series. The world will grow and I’ll probably have so many ideas for books that I won’t know what to do with them all. This is something I’m used to. I love series. I love watching them expand. I love revisiting favorite characters from previous books to see how their lives are going. I just… love it all.

Will I write a story for Boston? Absolutely! I’ll definitely be writing a story for Boston—although I’ll probably be “co-writing” it with myself because I believe some people who read my other books might specifically be interested in Boston’s book even if they’re not into the rest of this series.

Which brings up the question: Does it count as co-writing if you’re doing it with yourself?

Which is kind of like asking if it’s sex if you’re doing it with yourself. Ellie would answer that one with a resounding “yes”! Jane would probably disagree.

Anyway, yes, Boston will definitely have a story, barring terrible unforeseen events that prevent me from writing it. I already love him so much and wouldn’t dream of leaving him out in the cold. :)

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Lynne Sterley