New cover reveal! (Yep, I know)

I know this is going to sound kind of crazy, but I had a total change of heart on my cover and have a NEW cover to reveal. :) I did love the original cover I purchased, but I decided I wanted to go in a slightly different direction with the series branding, since I am very interested in this being a series. I’m very likely to write more books for the Reave boys (and possibly for the Barker boys too) if there’s any interest at all, because I adore these characters and this world. So if you pick up the book, like what you read, and want more, please let me know by leaving a review where you bought it, or emailing me, and I’ll get started on a follow up ASAP! :D

And here is the new cover:

Alpha Next Door

Ta da! Isn’t it lovely? Bastien looks so manly here, doesn’t he? ;)

Oh, and the book is coming out in the next day or three! I’ll post an update as soon as it’s live. :)

Lynne Sterley