Cover and title reveal!

I’ve been holding off releasing the title or book cover but realized today that the cover designer had already posted the book to their portfolio so it doesn’t seem all that necessary to keep it under wraps any longer. :)

So, the title of my book is Alpha Next Door. I’ve had this title in mind for a year and I started the book on a bit of a lark after a conversation with my sister about how much I love werewolves (we’re both huge fans of a certain wolfy series that comes on MTV) but how I didn’t really enjoy the dark stories that much. I mean, I can write dark, don’t get me wrong, but I have a wacky sense of humor sometimes and when I read, I like books that are lighthearted and funny, while also fulfilling my desire for all the usual werewolf stuff like strong men and feisty women.

I couldn’t have been hit harder by a plot bunny if it’d been driving a 4×4 straight at me and I sat down that very night and wrote out the two opening scenes of this book. The story idea hasn’t left me alone since. The book is almost ready and I can’t wait to release it. If even one person other than myself enjoys this story, I’ll be thrilled.

Alpha Next Door

The cover is, in my biased opinion, fantastic! (It comes from I ordered this back in December and I still look at it and squee. :D

Lynne Sterley